ALSC works with affiliates to identify issues of common concern and educate the public on these issues. By bringing community stakeholders such as schools, businesses and local governments, together we can work toward the common commitment of building a sustainable community.

Areas of agreement include:  

  1. A robust economy and a good quality of life are dependent upon healthy people living in a healthy environment.
  2. Environmental stewardship is critical to creating and maintaining a healthy environment for humans and habitat for other animals.
  3. Environmental education is a mainstay of good stewardship.
  4. Open space contributes to a higher quality of life, community health and economic development
  5. Alternative energy development and deployment will conserve non-renewable resources and reduce harmful emissions and other pollutants.

Affiliation with the Alliance for a Livable and Sustainable Community recognizes shared values and a commitment to community collaboration.  The affiliation does not affect the governance or independence of any affiliated organization. 

Positions taken by the Alliance are not necessarily those adopted by its affiliates.  Similarly, affiliates may adopt positions that are not those of the Alliance.

Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance

The Benton-Franklin Community Health Alliance brings the community and healthcare providers together to improve the access and quality of our health system.Contact: Chairperson Dr. Amy Person or program manager Kirk Williamson,

Bike Tri-Cities
Bike Tri-Cities is the cycling advocate for our Community leading the Community in promoting cycling as a safe, healthy, sustainable, and fun form of transportation and recreation.

Friends of Badger Mountain
A group of local residents came together to preserve our local ridges for their scenic views and as open spaces. The future of this was threatened by irreversible development. Our goal became to acquire land to be held as open space.

Friends of Mid-Columbia River Wildlife Refuges

Friends partners with United States Fish & Wildlife Services to connect people with local ecosystems. Volunteers restore habitat, improve access, educate and engage all ages. Contact:


Founded to help support implementation of Washington’s innovative Growth Management Act, we focus on preventing the conversion of wildlife habitat, open space, farmland, and working forests to subdivisions and development, while directing most growth into our urbanized areas. Contact: alison(at)

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society LCBAS is a chapter of the National Audubon Society whose mission includes conservation, education, science-based projects, and enjoyment of the natural world.  We were instrumental in helping to establish, and currently work to support, the Hanford Reach National Monument. Other conservation efforts include protecting burrowing owls; contributing to the Ridges to Rivers Open Space Network Vision Plan; commenting on Federal EIS’ and local development plans to protect habitat; and partnering in the Leslie Groves North Native Plant restoration project.  Local education projects include a Junior Audubon class; support for the McNary NWR Education Center’s taxidermy collection; and classroom presentations.  Citizen science projects include our annual Christmas Bird Count, the Sagebrush Songbird Survey, the Red-Breasted Nuthatch count, and the Breeding Bird Survey.  We also have local and distant birding trips and monthly membership meetings (all open to the public) as well as a monthly newsletter. 

Ridges to Rivers Network  

A Nationally recognized and awarded plan for open space and trail planning in the Mid-Columbia region.The area is in the vicinity of the metropolitan areas of Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Finley, and Benton City. The Vision: A network of natural features, open spaces, and connecting trails that complements residential and commercial development in the Mid-Columbia Region and Enhances our ability to attract and retain people and businesses that sustain our economy Provides access and connection for recreation, education, and health Preserves natural and aesthetic values.

Sustainable Living Center

Mission: To conserve resources for the future by encouraging and facilitating sustainable living practices in our community.  

The SLC has established a reputation in the Walla Walla region as the clearinghouse for information and resources for making more sustainable lifestyle decisions. With funding from government and private sources, we maintain five​​ successful programs​ that help us achieve our mission. Contact:

Tapteal Greenway

The Tapteal Greenway is the 35-mile corridor along and including the Yakima River extending from Kiona Bend at Benton City to the mouth of the river at Bateman Island in Richland. The land trail portion is identified as the Tapteal Trail and our water version on the river is identified as the Tapteal Water Trail. Contact:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is an international, non-partisan, grassroots organization committed to creating the political will for a livable world. The WA Tri-Cities Chapter is just one of more than 445 across the world, including every U.S. state. We offer presentations on climate science to adults at various venues (Climate Science on Tap, Documentaries and presentations at libraries or service clubs, and climate science for students in High School and College, and on Zoom, with a team of current and retired scientists and educators.