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Soils – Recapturing Carbon with Agriculture

March 12, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

As part of Sequestration Week, we will examine how healthy soils and regenerative agriculture can absorb carbon emissions.

About this Event

Climate change conversation does not immediately spawn thoughts of soil for most. But soils play a crucial role in absorbing the carbon that our modern civilization emits. Join Electrify Now, to discuss natural climate solutions (NCS), and how we can promote their adoption.

Global emissions need to reach net-zero by mid-century. Electrification helps us reduce emissions output, NCS can help get us the rest of the way. Natural and working lands can absorb up to 37% of 2030 emissions found a recent report by The Nature Conservancy. Learn from experts on how soils and land use change and regenerative agriculture can help us reduce climate impacts and lead to broader co-benefits such as wildfire management and more fertile soils.

Sequestration Week

This webinar is part of our week-long (March 8-12) series of educational events called Sequestration Week devoted to exploring the many ways humans can sequester carbon and help solve our climate crisis. Register at ttps://www.eventbrite.com/o/electrify-now-30608544418


Dr. Tim LaSalle – Co-Founder, Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems, California State University, Chico. Dr. LaSalle is a champion of science-based hope for a regenerative food system that will mitigate climate change by carbon sequestration in place of soil carbon loss.

Dr. LaSalle has served as the first CEO of Rodale Institute; Executive Director of the Northwest Earth Institute, an organization dedicated to grass roots movements; Executive Director of the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management, an international non-profit whose mission is to restore and regenerative deteriorating landscapes; consultant, advisor, and research coordinator for the Howard Buffett Foundation in Africa on soils and food security for smallholder farmers and most recently co-founder of California State University Chico, Regenerative Agriculture Initiative.

Kyle Hemes, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biology at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University. As a part of the California Strategic Growth Council funded ‘Innovation Center for Advancing Ecosystem Climate Solutions’, Kyle is studying the tradeoffs between carbon sequestration potential and wildfire fuels management in California’s forests. With expertise at the interface of ecosystem ecology and climate science, Kyle uses observational, modeling, and synthesis techniques to understand how natural and working lands can be harnessed to aid in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Kyle has worked across a variety of landscapes from the upland sub-tropical forests of southeast Asia to the subsided peatlands of the California Delta to better characterize the potential for ecosystems to be part of the solution.


Peter Kernan – Peter is a Program Director for Community Energy Project in Portland, OR. His work is focused on climate justice by implementing climate solutions in the built environment and energy system for low-income and communities of color. He majored in environmental and climate science from Colorado College. While Peter’s work is focused on a just energy transition, he is excited to welcome experts on Natural Climate Solutions.

Donations: As an all volunteer organization, we try to raise funds for a nonprofits doing amazing work through our webinar series. Since August of 2020, we’ve raised over $1500 that has been given directly to charityPlease consider donating a couple of dollars for this webinar to the nonprofit Friends of Trees. Friends of trees has has planted 850,000+ native trees and shrubs across 2 states, 6 counties and 20 cities since 1989. All proceeds from your donations go directly to this organization that has been helping green our community for decades. Thank you!

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March 12, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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