Sustainable Tri-Cities Workgroups

Human Health

Dr Amy Person, Chair: Improving our community’s health through thoughtful development of the built environment, wise use of our natural environment, and promoting healthy behaviors.

Land Use and Transportation

Laila Gahn, Chair: Enhancing our environment, competitive economic advantage, and visual appeal through planning that incorporates mixed-use, well-connected,  compact and equitable development.

Community Outreach

Alison Cable, Chair: Increase community awareness and volunteerism in activities that promote ALSC’s and affiliate organizations’ missions.

Technology Committee

James A. Wise, Ph.D., Chair: The Technology group keeps track and assesses new Sustainability related technologies that are either being deployed in our region or would be particularly appropriate.

CIAO (Climate Impacts Assurance and Opportunities)

James A. Wise, Ph.D. Chair: ‘CIAO’ brings climate change awareness to our region and reviews new approaches that focus on impacts and change.